Stones Rooted in the Earth

sign logo

Deeply rooted earth, tree, and stone energies have been guiding my creative and spiritual practice for most of my life.  And in more recent years,  I’ve been following my ancestral roots all over Europe to find the “wild and sacred belonging” that is at the heart of my soul’s journey as an artist, and a healer.

It has been a journey of identity, of spiritual belonging, and the desire to truly understand and express my calling as a steward of this beautiful earth, to assist in passing along an energetic blueprint of  balance, honor and beauty, to fully anchor the love of spirit in all of my creations and actions during my time here on earth.

My personal journey has been about healing the emotional wounds of a tumultuous childhood, my soul landing firmly within my body, finding my own value as a creative and expressive being in order to stay embodied and simply making meaning of the question:  How can I be of service?

As a psychically sensitive, middle-aged woman of mixed European descent,  born and living in the United States, with decades long apprenticing in earth focused spirituality and neo-shamanic training in the healing arts, my path has taken me to exploring and honoring my own blood roots, the voices of my ancestors, the lineages that make up the whole of who I am.  In this way I can be truthful to the longings of my spirit to be a part of the healing solutions for our human cultural condition in this modern day.  I am following the guidance of my wise and loving Ancestors, honored as elders who are illumined and supportive of healing for people and planet.

I have discovered that my animistic beliefs are truly at the root of what makes me who I am, and helps me make offering of my soul’s gifts.  I am deeply in love with the spirits of all beings.  Each of us in our unique expressions of love and beauty, we are related, we are together in this journey.  As a human soul, I must honor, and value this way of being in togetherness to fulfill my soul’s longing for wild and sacred belonging.  That’s what drives me as an artist and healer.

Above is the image displayed on the sign outside my art studio.  Rooting, anchoring, offering identity.  My chosen name, Sidheag MacLeod (pronounced “ShEE-ahk”  in Old Scottish Gaelic) is intended as an honoring and recognition of belonging to the Ancestors of my Mother’s, Mother’s lineage.

I am living and creating within the circle of these stones.  A cauldron of swirling, healing light.  Ancient symbols and structures that hold the light of transformation are the cauldron of love for my journey.

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