Sidheag’s deep connection to Earth, her trusted relationships with Ancestral Elders, Spirit Helpers in the unseen realms and the natural wisdom held within Earth’s community of sentient beings provide a strong and powerful field for healing and gathering guidance.

Current offerings include:

∴   Divination sessions for guidance, clarity and insight, into the challenges of daily life and deeper soul inquiries.  Helping you define meaningful questions, reaching your own answers.

∴   Energetic Healing sessions are intended to uplift you, help you find balance and relieve the stresses of overwhelm and over-doing.  Gain clarity and focus, rejuvenate your body,  align your desires with your actions, dissolve patterns, flow your feelings and connect with your essential self.

∴   Guiding and Mentoring in Creative Expressive Arts as a Spiritual Path. Connecting with your Soul’s creative essence to enhance a grounded and embodied Earth experience.

∴   Mentoring and Apprenticeships in Intuitive and Psychic development, Spiritual and Psychic Healing.

∴   Mentoring and Apprenticeship programs with Creative Initiatory Journeys to support Creative Soul Embodiment.

∴   Initiations into the healing art of Reiki at the 1st and 2nd degree. 3rd degree and teaching Reiki Master at the Apprenticeship level.

Coming In October of 2020:  Ancestral Lineage Healing Sessions over ZOOM or Telephone.  Reconnect with your Blood and Bone Lineages for Self, Family and Cultural Healing.  Sliding scale available for those with financial need.


Most sessions can be done over Skype or Zoom platforms, or in person.  Channeled Readings can also be done over email.  Healing sessions are in person for locals and can be done remotely for those who live a distance away.  Studio sessions will be held at Stone Circle Studio Arts by appointment.

Rates for Divination and creative mentoring sessions are $90 per hour.  Healing sessions run 60 to 90 minutes and are $150 per session. Ancestral Lineage Healing sessions are $75 per session during my training phase.   Please contact me if you need financial assistance.  Sliding scale available.

Make payment for your session in the sidebar, then email me to set the date.

Rates for creative arts classes are posted with the course descriptions.

Contact through email: sidheag(dot)macleod(at)gmail(dot)com