Current Classes

Exploring your Creative Path with

Soul Art®

at Stone Circle Studio Arts



In the Studio, I guide a 3 hour creative session to introduce you to the Soul Art® process.  It is a fun and mystical way of tapping into your intuitive creative voice, accessing the wisdom of your body and soul’s voice through intuitive painting play, and creative expression.

  Gain insights into the Great Creative Mystery while you HAVE FUN.

Any art media can be explored with this process.  Currently I introduce Soul Art® with paint, drawing materials,  or collage.  Once you are familiar with the process, I recommend branching out into your favorite modes of creating: painting,  encaustic wax (my current favorite), jewelry, costuming, dance, photography, sculpture……the possibilities are endless.  Let your soul intuition be your creative guide!


  • I provide a guided opening, hold the creative container while you express and explore, then close w/ a guided wrap-up
  • 3 hrs of intuitive painting play and creative expression
  • All art supplies provided  (paper or canvas, paints, brushes, drawing media, etc)
  • $55 for the 3 hour session
  • Studio sessions are by appointment


If you’ve already experienced the introduction to Soul Art®, consider booking a studio session for a more in-depth Soul Art Journey.

I guide Soul Art® Intensives as journeys into the body, to the Ancestors, to the Earth, the Chakras, to your Wise Council of Guides.

Or continue with a piece you have already begun, working with me to go deeper into your creative journey and process, creating transformational works of art that will keep offering you insights and wisdom throughout your life and expressive journey.




Contact me to reserve a spot and set the space for your creative journey.  sidheag(dot)macleod(at)gmail(dot)com