Ancestral Belonging

Your Ancient and Sacred Belonging is stirring within the Earth.

What does it mean to belong to yourself, to your people, to the Earth?

Ancestral Belonging is a deep remembering that we belong to each other and we belong to the Earth.

When we re-connect with our Ancestral Lineages we are stirring the cauldrons of ancient and sacred belonging.  We connect on a bone deep level to the wisdom, to the gifts, the traditions and stories of our people through deep time ancestry.  We can remember how to live in conscious earth honoring ways and dream with destiny and purpose.

Do you long to feel the love of your Ancestors? 

Ancestral lineage healing is a journey into deep nourishing connections, with wise loving elders and family traditions.  As we learn to relate with our benevolent ancestors in spirit from a stance of loving compassion, we receive and embody the blessings and gifts that come from our people, to be expressed through us in our talents and longings.

Through Ancestral Lineage Healing and Repair, the transformation of long standing inter-generational family patterns and the re-kindling of ancestral blessings can give rise to a deep sense of belonging, and offer support to live out our destinies.

Core values that inform Lineage Healing

In this method of ancestral healing we approach the ancestors as lineages that run through time from the most recent Grandmothers and Grandfathers on back to more ancient ones whose names are unknown. We don’t need to know the names of our people or where they were from to begin this journey.

Four basic tenets support this framework for healing:

Consciousness continues in some form after the death of the body ~ The dead are in the present moment, in another realm, not incarnate.  Sometimes we experience them in the dreamtime, or in meditation, and other forms of altered awareness like trance work and daydreaming.  Our ancestors also live on within us, in our memories, in our DNA, bone and blood.

The living and the dead can communicate ~  sometimes we have a sense of being visited by our beloved ones,  often through dream visitation or signs in our environment.  We can engage them in conversation and appreciation through reverence practices and guided meditation.

Not all the dead are equally well ~ Just like the living are on a spectrum of wellness, so too are the dead.  The act of dying doesn’t explicitly guarantee a person to be enlightened or healed.  Being well received by ancestors on the other side of the veil helps to ensure a more complete transition to the next stages of existence.

The living and the dead can affect and influence one another.~ It can be conscious, unconscious, mildy or strongly impactive, for better or for worse. We may carry the patterns of our people inherited through generations as health conditions, addictions, behavioral expressions.  We may sit in judgment of those who have passed, holding them frozen in memory that may not allow for their complete and elevated transition into the ancestral realms.


The Heart of the Work

Within simple, guided ritual practices we identify lineage needs, seek the guidance of ancestral helpers, embody the blessings while transforming the troubles, bringing peace and healing to those in need within our lineages.  Engaging in reverential ancestral practices buoys the work, develops the relationships and fosters belonging.

For ritual safety, we engage only with the dead who are well, loving and vibrant in spirit.  Through the cultivating of these relationships, with the guidance of these benevolent ones, healing of the lineage is enacted. 

As a practitioner of the lineage repair process I hold the ritual container for your intent, and the connection between you and your ancestors powers the work.  Your Ancestors are the heart of the healing.

Steps in the Ancestral Lineage Healing process

Through this approach, we address lineage healing in stages which provides not only for continuity but also for an allowing of a centered, consistent and safe approach to the healing process.  These stages include:

  • Assess the state of wellness of your four primary ancestral lineages, create necessary boundaries, & choose a lineage of focus to begin
  • Connect with a loving vibrant ancestral guide(s) within the chosen lineage of focus – often an ancient one far before recorded history
  • Build relationship with this guide and seek to understand the gifts and affinities of the lineage, receiving blessings and insights into how your people related to the world and culture of their times
  • Seek to understand the nature of disconnection and wounding within this lineage, challenges, or burdens
  • Healing with older lineage ancestors, those whose names aren’t known
  • Healing with the recent or remembered dead up and through to those still living
  • Embody the wellness, vibrancy, and blessing in the present, in yourself

Personal, Family & Cultural Healing

For many, the doorway into the work is the desire for healing on a personal level.  To find relief from pain or patterns we find ourselves repeating with or without conscious awareness of the origins or triggers.  We may desire healing and resolution in relationships with family members, wanting free of the dysfunction of harmful inheritances like addiction and family violence or abuse and poverty. Perhaps we are enacting them with our descendants.  Maybe your family could never see who you were or be supportive of your dreams and needs. Or you just felt like you didn’t belong.

And beyond these more intimate expressions, we find these patterns at the roots and in the layers of systemic, cultural troubles that are rising with urgency in our world today.  Ancestral burdens that we carry, un-examined and un-tended, feed the troubles we are facing right now.  The great disconnect of humans as separate from nature is a mirror of the ancestral disconnection, from our ancestors who valued and understood their very survival depended upon living in harmony with earth. They understood that we belong to the earth.

As we transform these harms within our lineages, tending to those in our lines in need of healing, we restore the flow of goodness and vitality to ourselves and the living descendants.

This flow of ancestral blessing can re-source us, and create a space for deep reflection and the gathering of courage to find our just right place in the world.

Ancestral healing is less about arriving and more about building relationships.   We court resilience to successfully and creatively navigate the complexities of living while we stand to face the tasks and relationships that humans are being called to engage during this modern age.

Ancestral lineage healing can help you find your way through to the fullest expression of you, to live your destiny and calling, in service to our planet in these times.


To arrange for initial consultation with me, to explore whether this method of ancestral re-connection and healing is a good fit for you, or to book sessions; please contact me via email.  sidheag(dot)macleod (at) gmail (dot)com

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I am committed to keeping this work accessible to those with variable financial means.  Please contact me to discuss possibilities.  I offer a sustainable number of sliding rate clients spaces on a rotating basis.

I am trained as a practitioner in the method of Ancestral Lineage Healing with Daniel Foor of Ancestral Medicine.   Within this network, I agree to follow the practitioner code of ethics.

I highly recommend reading the book “Ancestral Medicine: Rituals for Personal and Family Healing” by Daniel Foor, Ph.D., as a companion resource in the journey of ancestral lineage repair work.  More resources that also support these practices can be found at the Ancestral Medicine website.