Ancestral Belonging


Your Wild and Sacred Belonging is stirring within the Earth.


What does it mean to belong to yourself, to your people, to the Earth?

Ancestral Belonging is a deep remembering that we belong to each other and we belong to the Earth.

When we re-connect with our Ancestral Lineages we are stirring the cauldrons of wild and sacred belonging.  We connect on a blood and bone level to the wisdom, to the gifts, the traditions and stories of our people through deep time ancestry.  We can remember how to live in conscious earth honoring ways and dream with destiny and purpose.

The healing of long standing generational family patterns and the re-kindling of ancestral blessings can give rise to a deep sense of belonging, and offer support to live out our destinies.



I am a student and practitioner of Ancestral Lineage Healing with Daniel Foor of Ancestral Medicine.  I will begin guiding lineage repair sessions in October 2020.