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In the latter half of 2013, I participated in a wonderful collaborative project with 38 other talented artists.  We created art and divinely inspired messages from our artist muse, to celebrate, honor and assist others on their journeys.

I also took on the rewarding roles of being an associate project manager, contributing writer and the Content editor for the Deck guide book.  It has truly been a creatively stimulating and expansive venture as I was honored to receive and work closely with the images and messages of 39 talented and beautiful creative women.

This is the card I created for the deck:

Web054Shaman-Dreaming _Jeanie_Anthony

“At this time on planet Earth, the Ancestors are calling. They are calling to the people of the modern world to learn the ways of Love, Reverence and Honor for all Beings. They are speaking to us through the ‘Way of the Artist’, with Beauty, Authenticity and Full Body Expression. 
With courageous hearts, let these ancestral voices teach us the way of Love, Peace and powerful Creative Dreaming.
We are the stewards of these times. Let us draw upon this Ancient Wisdom to care for the Earth and all of Her Creatures.”

“Shaman Dreaming emerges from the deep caves of our soul. Her body is made of Stardust and Earth. Her voice calls you to align your Sacred Body with the Sacred Body of Earth. Let go to the Source, the Dreaming Inner Landscape. You are in Genesis with the Universe. Bring forward your Sacred Vision and share it with the world.”

~ Jeanie Anthony

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