Sidheag’s deep connection to Earth, her trusted relationships with Ancestral Elders and wise Spirit Helpers in the unseen realms, help support a strong and powerful field for healing and gathering guidance.

In one to one sessions and small group ritual, Sidheag helps people align with their own wise ancestral guidance, and connect with the roots of their ancestral traditions & life-ways.  Sidheag offers support to express these gifts through visionary creative arts practices, ceremonial councils and soul crafted ritual.

Experience creative self expression woven with a clearer sense of destiny and ancestral belonging.

Current offerings include:

∴  Ancestral Lineage Re-Connection and Repair Sessions:   Reconnect with your Blood and Bone Lineages for Self, Family and Cultural Healing.  A minimum series of three sessions begins the process for new clients, with follow up sessions as needed to engage all the steps with one lineage.  If you’re actively working this method already, single session options are available.    

∴ Divination & Mediumship, Spiritual Support Consultation:  Personal sessions that offer guidance and energetic support.  These consults can also serve as an assessment before a healing ceremony or the creation of personalized amulets and ceremonial tools.

 Ceremonies of Spirit Guided Healing:  Rituals of support, to resource and uplift, opening pathways of greater connection for deeper intimacy with land, ancestors and spirit helpers. 

Focused & Extended Ritual Support:  This offering is designed for those who desire a little extra care and tending with regular meetings throughout the month.  Healing, mentoring, ancestral healing, divination and personally crafted ritual time to support your life.

Divine Healing:  Hands on healing, in person or at a distance. 

∴ Creating magical amulets and works of spirit art that enliven, inform and support your life.   You can see more about this at

Mentorship for professional healing arts practitioners:  These consultation sessions are available for practitioners in training with Ancestral Lineage Healing, or other professionals that provide spiritual support and spirit guided healing.  Specific support offered in these areas:

  • ancestral lineage repair
  • soul and power retrieval, psychopomp
  • psychic/intuitive readings & divination
  • direct mediumship and channeling
  • fortifying energetic and spirit support
  • boundaries and self-care practices for helping professionals



Rates & Scheduling


Sessions are held over Zoom or by telephone. 

Session series for healing with the ancestral lineages:  Series of 3 sessions $375

Ancestral Lineage Healing single session rates are $135 per session.  60 to 75 minute range.  *These sessions are for continuing clients, and those who are already engaged in Ancestral Healing work*

Divination & Mediumship, Spiritual Support consultation rates are $135 per session.

Professional Mentoring consultation rates are $150 per session (90 minutes)

Monthly ritual Support: $525 each month, weekly consults. 

Healing Ritual & Ceremony:  These ritual sessions are done remotely and include a 30 minute zoom consultation post ceremony  $250  Contact me in the form below to discuss your needs.

Amulets and Sacred magical tools commissioned:  fees are negotiated by considering material costs and intricacy of design.

Please inquire directly for sliding scale options if you need financial assistance.  A sustainable number of reduced rate client spaces are available on a rotating basis.

All session fees are in USD

Ancestral Healing or Spirit Guided Healing is not a substitute for clinical mental or physical healthcare.  I am not a licensed counselor or healthcare provider.  Clients are asked to maintain a network of support as needed for mental and physical health.

Please Contact me here through this form to schedule a session or request information: