Sidheag’s deep connection to Earth, her trusted relationships with Ancestral Elders and wise Spirit Helpers in the unseen realms, provide a strong and powerful field for healing and gathering guidance.

Current offerings include:

  Initial Consultation:  For those new to Ancestral Lineage Healing, start here.  We’ll discuss your questions and assess for focus in the journey ahead.  These consults are free of charge and range 20 to 30 minutes.

∴  Ancestral Lineage Healing Sessions:   Reconnect with your Blood and Bone Lineages for Self, Family and Cultural Healing.  A minimum series of three or six sessions is suggested for new clients,  with the intent to engage all the steps with one lineage.

If you’re actively working this method already, single session options are available.

∴   Oracular Ancestral Divination & Healing sessions: Make inquiries, and receive healing transmissions from the ancestral earth realms.


Sessions are held over Zoom or by telephone. 

Rates for Divination sessions are $100 per 45 minute session.

Ancestral Lineage Healing sessions are $125  per session.  60 to 75 minute range.

Session series for healing with multiple lineages are available with payment plans.  Series of 3 sessions are $325.  Series of 6 sessions are $600.

Contact me directly if you need financial assistance.  Sliding scale available.

All session fees are in USD

Studio sessions can be held at Stone Circle Studio Arts by appointment after Covid-19 restrictions are lifted and it is safe to do so.


Contact me through email to schedule a session:  sidheag(dot)macleod(at)gmail(dot)com