Luminous Elk as Ancestral Guide

In 2017 I set upon a Soul Initiation, to “Live with full body presence”. To encounter my soul deeply embodied. For the past two years I’ve received numerous “assignments, tasks and nudges” to follow the wisdom of my body and all that might unfold before me as I walked with this intention and initiation.

The most prominent feature of this initiation has been to engage with ancestral lineage repair. Healing familial wounds, reclaiming sovereign body, and transmuting the patterns of transmission through the generations. Opening myself to the support of my Ancestors has brought clarity and power to my life’s vision and ultimately, my destiny and lived purpose. I am in full relationship with my people and the earth.
I was guided to birth a drum. And my Father’s Mother’s people asked me to apprentice to the spirit of the drum through them. In order to remember why I walk this life as a healer, a dreamer between the worlds, a voice for the earth.
On the Summer Solstice 2019, this luminous spirit of Elk Drumming joined with me in ally-ship to guide and support the holy expression of my destiny in service to the world. Spirits, I am listening. Many thanks.

Elk Drum Spirit

Studio Time

ancestral connection


Need some support to get back to a creative project?  Or are you simply in need of some time to slow down, take a few deep breaths and push some paint around a canvas for the joy of it?

Join me in the studio for some lightly structured time to express creatively, follow the brush and your soul’s creative longing.  I offer exercises and tips to listen and paint from your body, your heart and your intuition.

I’ll supply the canvas, paper and paint.  I have some drawing materials too.  Bring your favorite supplies if you like. No art experience necessary, just desire.

2 hour sessions with creative support $40

Contact me to schedule your creative time:  sidheag(dot)macleod(at)gmail(dot)com

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