Sidheag MacLeod



Sidheag MacLeod is an Artist, Sacred Seer, Oracular Ritualist and Healer, following the voices of her Ancestors.

In sacred partnership with the Unseen Realms, she follows her Ancient Roots to the Spirits of the Old Ones, her blood lineages within the Celtic Nations, Old Northern & Eastern Europe, and the Great Creative Mystery.

Currently a practitioner trainee in Ancestral Lineage Healing with Ancestral Medicine, Sidheag is exploring her cultural roots and ancestral traditions, apprenticing with her ancestral elders, assisting in healing the troubled and un-well dead in her family lineages while carrying forth the blessings and medicines of her people.


Sidheag is a Soul Guide and Sacred Diviner journeying with you to experience and explore your own sources of creative, spiritual  and ancestral wisdom.

Within visionary creative arts process, ceremonial councils, personal soul rituals, ancestral healing journeys and nature immersion, you are supported to discover the power and wisdom that is your unique expression and belonging in this world.