Sidheag MacLeod

Sidheag MacLeod is an Artist, Sacred Seer, Oracular Ritualist and Healer, following the voices of her Ancestors.

In sacred partnership with the Unseen Realms, she follows her Ancient Roots to the Spirits of the Old Ones, her blood lineages within the Celtic Nations, Old Northern & Eastern Europe, and the Great Creative Mystery.

As a practitioner in Ancestral Lineage Healing with Ancestral Medicine, Sidheag is exploring & expressing her cultural roots and ancestral traditions, apprenticing with her ancestral elders, assisting in healing with her family lineages while carrying forth the blessings and medicines of her people.

Sidheag holds a degree in performance art from the Evergreen State College in Music, Theatre and Dance with a focus in Songwriting, and Musical storytelling in celebration of Earth.  For 35 years she has practiced Oracular and Divinatory healing arts for the upliftment of her community.  She is dedicated to serving elders, creatives and LGBTQ+ folks in weaving life path with destiny.




In one to one sessions and small group ritual, Sidheag helps people align with their own wise ancestral guidance, and connect with the roots of their ancestral traditions & lifeways.  Sidheag offers support to express these gifts through visionary creative arts practices, ceremonial councils and soul crafted ritual.

Experience creative self expression woven with a clearer sense of destiny and ancestral belonging.