Embodied Soul Apprenticeship

Journey into an Embodied Soul Apprenticeship with Creative, Expressive, Ritual Arts.


A creative apprenticeship with your Soul’s deep medicine is a supported journey into finding and claiming your unique sacred belonging. By embracing and clearly expressing the gifts of your ancestral and soul lineages, deep soul embodiment is a natural outcome.


  • Journey into the Mythic and Mystical Earth within you.
  • Connect with Loving Ancestors, Helping Powers and Guides.
  • Tap your Body’s deep wisdom sources
  • Source your Soul’s wisdom through energetic signatures and symbols
  • Express your Unique Creative Medicine
  • Embody your Soul’s Mythology
  • Celebrate your body and soul lineages by embodying the gifts of your ancestral fore bearers





Hear with clarity and see with bright illumination.  Feel your rhythms, know your true essence.

Follow your own intuition and deep loving guidance to the place where you find your wild and sacred belonging.

See the reflection of Earth’s Sacred Body in your Sacred Body.  Live Embodied.  Create mythic art.


Using the tools of Soul Art®,  Oracular Medicine Skills, Meditation, Dream Journeying, and Earth resonance practices we access our creative wisdom bodies and live with embodied grace.




For this apprenticeship, I provide a foundational structure to ground the process, while you explore the landscapes of your soul’s creative dreaming.  The container we make together holds the energy for you to root and experience your wild and sacred belonging.

Together we will lay down the bones of your creative apprenticeship.  Making a map for you to resource as you travel your inner terrain.

  • Supportive counsel and mentoring
  • reflective nature practices
  • art making/creating a body of work
  • reflective meditation and journaling
  • divination practices
  • resource and reciprocate with support & wisdom of Earth
  • Identify and connect with ancestral guides and helping powers
  • engage with healing ceremony and ritual



The time and space structure for this Embodied Soul Apprenticeship can be created to meet the needs of your daily life, school, work and family schedules.

Key elements are:

  • flexibility and honoring pace
  • commitment to your own evolution and growth
  • what you want to create, experience or accomplish by participating in this life transforming journey

At this time, I am offering 3 month, 6 month and 12 month apprenticeships.  We will work together in addition to your solo practice.

Basic session rates are $90 per hour for teaching and mentoring.  I do embrace a variety of sliding scale fee structures for those who need it, please contact me discuss options.

The apprenticeships can be in person and also over distance; utilizing video conferencing, email and telephone.

Together we will journey into wild landscapes, connect with helping spirits and guides, access inner resources through contemplative practices and deep listening.  Create rituals for personal healing and growth.




Please contact me to arrange a no cost consult and begin creating your Embodied Soul Apprenticeship.